Bualuang field has been on-stream since 2008 previously operated by Salamander Energy plc. In the summer of 2018, the next phase of development known as Phase 4, which is split into two parts, began. The objective of Phase 4A was to boost the production from the existing facilities, and it was successfully completed, adding three new wells and four workovers. During Phase 4B in 2019, it is expected to see installation of a 12 slot conductor-supported platform, called the Charlie platform. The first oil from the Charlie platform is expected in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Type of Contract : Concession
Areas (Km2) : 377
Contract Expiry : 2025
Participacing Interest : MedcoEnergi - 100% (Operator)
Status : Production and Development


Production from the Sinphuhorm field commenced in November 2006, the gas supplies a 710 MW power plant located approximately 3.5 kilometers from the Nam Phong field. The gas and liquids are transported through a 62 km pipeline to a gas processing plant located alongside the Nam Phong power station. At the gas processing plant, the liquids (including water) are removed. The dry gas is sold to PTT under a gas sales agreement and the condensate is sold to PTT under a separate sales agreement. The daily contracted quantity is 108 MMscfd and the gas sales agreement runs until 2021 with the potential to be extended by 10 years.

Type of Contract : Concession
Areas (Km2) : 230
Contract Expiry : 2034
Participacing Interest : PTTEP - 55% (Operator)
APICO - 35%
MedcoEnergi - 9.5%
ExxonMobil - 0.5%
Status : Production