1948 - 2024

Raisis Arifin Panigoro

Advisor of MedcoEnergi

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of Ibu Raisis Arifin Panigoro, MedcoEnergi's Advisor (2022 - 2024). Her service and contribution made her a role model for all of us.

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Code of Conduct

Commitment to GCG and Code of Conduct

Always apply adopt and practice GCG principles at the highest standard as part of the company culture

Effective May 4th 2020, MedcoEnergi has published a new Code of Conduct setting out of the main principle guidance on how the business should be conducted in the Company, and as the standards of behavior the Board of Commissioner, Board of Director, and all employees are expected to uphold in their professional day-to-day work.

Our Code is framed around four MedcoEnergi Corporate values – professional, ethical, open, and innovative – and five primary Good Corporate Governance commitment principles.

Our Code reflects on MedcoEnergi's commitment to sustainable development, the integration of relevant International practices of the Company's various organization backgrounds, and expectations for the Board of Commissioner, the Board of Director, and all employees in terms of his/her roles. These expectations are described in Our Code through "know the Code, know the commitment" as the belief of how the organization in doing business.