1945 - 2022

Dr. HC. Ir. H. Arifin Panigoro bin Yusuf Panigoro

Medco Group Founder

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of our Company's Founder. He was a prominent and visionary figure of inspiration to us and to the Company. Not only he was passionate in what he did, he was also a dedicated man of honor to the nation and the country. May his legacy always live in the Company's soul and activities.

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Dr (HC) Ir. Arifin PanigoroAdvisor

The founder of Medco Group began his time in the oil and gas industry in 1980. In 1998, Panigoro withdrew from the Company’s management, and has since become an advisor, notably in identifying new oil and gas business opportunities. Arifin Panigoro earned a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 1973 and was awarded an honorary degree (doctor honoris causa) from Institut Teknologi Bandung in January 2010 with a speech titled "Kuasai Teknologi, Bangun Ekonomi, Tegakkan Martabat Bangsa" (Conquer Technology, Build The Economy, Uphold National Dignity).  

Prof. Dr. SubrotoAdvisor

Former Minister of Mines and Energy of the Republic of Indonesia and former Secretary General OPEC. He graduated from the Akademi Militer, Yogyakarta in 1948 and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Universitas Indonesia in 1952. Subroto received a Master of Arts degree in Economics from McGill University, Canada in 1956, followed by a Doctor Philosophy degree in Economics from Universitas Indonesia in 1958.  Since 1997, he has been an advisor to the Company, mainly in providing information on macroeconomic issues and global developments in the oil and gas business.

Dr. Alwi ShihabAdvisor

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Coordinating Minister of Peoples Welfare of the Republic of Indonesia. Shihab earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and Master of Arts degree from the Al-Azhar Univeristy, Egypt in 1966 and 1968, respectively. He also earned a Bachelor's degree in Islamic Philosophy from IAIN Alauddin, Indonesia in 1986. He received a Doctor Philosophy degree from the University Ain Shams, Egypt in 1990, then received a Master od Arts degree  from Temple University, US in 1990, followed by a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Temple University, US in 1995. He joined the Company as an Advisor in March 2007 with the main role providing advice in penetrating the international oil and gas business market.