1945 - 2022

Dr. HC. Ir. H. Arifin Panigoro bin Yusuf Panigoro

Medco Group Founder

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of our Company's Founder. He was a prominent and visionary figure of inspiration to us and to the Company. Not only he was passionate in what he did, he was also a dedicated man of honor to the nation and the country. May his legacy always live in the Company's soul and activities.

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Development and Opportunities for Growth

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MedcoEnergi is firmly committed to developing a strong human capital and even more determined to build on its exploration and production of oil and gas expertise

Training and Development in MedcoEnergi is divided into three big programs:

  1. Accelerated Development Program

    This is a development program providing fresh graduates with opportunities to take part of filling out Company’s key positions, structural and non-structural. We aim highly reputable universities’ graduates to participate in the tight recruitment process which produce competent and confident young workforces.

  2. Leadership Competency Development Program

    This program is focused for key supervisory and managerial level, aimed for enhancing team management skills, corporate vision implementation, and business ethics and leadership characters development.

  3. Technical Competency Development Program

    Great demand of petro-technical experts drives the Company to dedicate more attention and effort to develop their careers. The Company has conducted petro-technical competency assessment which involves more than 250 experts in August – November 2011. Additionally, the Company develops Technical Competency Development Program which divided into individual studies, trainings, mentoring program, and assignments to both domestic and international assets.

Human Resources Sustainability Development is also acknowledged by the Government of Indonesia. In 2012, the Company, through its subsidiary MEPI repeats its success to be awarded as the best Oil & Gas Company for its Human Resources Management and Career Development Monitoring Program by BPMigas for the year of 2011.

The Company also published a book, “20 years MedcoEnergi in Exploration & Production – Journey of Knowledge and Expertise”, which is a collection of best 73 scientific papers of MedcoEnergi’s engineers of 2 decades. This book is a proven confirmation of the successful competency development conducted by the Company.