1945 - 2022

Dr. HC. Ir. H. Arifin Panigoro bin Yusuf Panigoro

Medco Group Founder

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of our Company's Founder. He was a prominent and visionary figure of inspiration to us and to the Company. Not only he was passionate in what he did, he was also a dedicated man of honor to the nation and the country. May his legacy always live in the Company's soul and activities.

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MedcoEnergi Public Expose 2021 Presentation Material

Held virtually on Thursday, 18 November 2021 at 14.00 WIB


Invitation to MedcoEnergi 2021 Annual Public Expose

MedcoEnergi will hold a 2021 Public Expose to comply with Provision No. Kep-00015/BEI/01-2021 dated February 1, 2021.


Public Expose Material August 2020

Presentation material that we conveyed during IDX Public Expose in August 2020


MedcoEnergi Public Expose 2017 Presentation Material

Held on 6 November 2017 in Jasmine Room, The Energy Building 2nd Floor at 10:00am