1945 - 2022

Dr. HC. Ir. H. Arifin Panigoro bin Yusuf Panigoro

Medco Group Founder

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of our Company's Founder. He was a prominent and visionary figure of inspiration to us and to the Company. Not only he was passionate in what he did, he was also a dedicated man of honor to the nation and the country. May his legacy always live in the Company's soul and activities.

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Sustainability Report

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Sustainability Report 2021: Building Our Future - Sustainable Energy and Natural Resources

The energy industry’s main challenge is how to meet the world’s energy needs while addressing the environmental problems related to energy production and consumption. The energy sector placed renewed attention on the growing threats posed by environmental damage and climate change. The year of 2021 was a pivotal year towards a global energy transition in the midst of the pandemic.

At MedcoEnergi, we understand that securing sustainable energy and resources is vital for maintaining business continuity, which, in turn, allows us to deliver the benefits we promised our stakeholders and the communities where we operate. We are committed to conducting our business with integrity and transparency through our corporate values of being professional, ethical, open, and innovative. In 2021, one of our priorities was to establish our own pathway to provide sustainable energy by tackling the climate change challenge. MedcoEnergi has continued to invest in assets and people to further our commitment towards building a stronger company and a just transition. This report presents the progress we have made along our sustainability and climate action journey in the past year, with the end goal of ensuring that our activities create value and have a positive impact for all stakeholders.

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