Panaran I & II

Panaran I
Medco Power Indonesia owns 64% shares in the company which is the operator of a gas-fired power plant with a capacity of 2x27.75 MW and a combined cycle 22 MW and 8 MW chiller, currently supplying electricity to local industries and housing in Batam. The electricity is generated by two gas turbine generators with advanced, computerized control systems, enabling the operator to accurately monitor the overall performance of the power plant and ensure its effectiveness and reliability.

The power plant benefits from an effective and efficient management system, with a lean organizational structure, allowing management to maintain intensive communications and to quickly respond to prevailing conditions, in order to maintain an uninterrupted supply of electricity. The plant is supported by highly skilled and professional employees with 5-to-20 years experience in various related fields, including electrical power generation, electronic control systems, and plant maintenance.

Panaran II
The Company also owns 80% shares in the company which is the owner and operator of the second gas-fired power plant. This plant also utilized 2x27,5 MW of gas turbine generator and chiller equipment with an output of 8 MW. The electricity output of this plant as of December 2006 was 320 MWh. Panaran II started to produce electricity in January 2006 for Unit 1 and April 2006 for Unit 2.  On May 2008, Medco Power has signed the amendment of Power Purchase Agreement with PLN Batam for development of Panaran II add – on 20,6 MW Combined Cycle Plant to the existing Simple Cycle Unit and commercially operated since March 2010.  With the production from Panaran II, the company supplies almost 80% of the electricity demand in Batam Island.