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Empowering local communities

Sharing knowledge and helping to build local business

To MedcoEnergi, sustainable business means to have community engagement with surrounding.

As a responsible company, MedcoEnergi always tries to keep a good relationship with communities affected by our operations, including personal needs and public facilities. MedcoEnergi contributes directly by providing assistance and tools for projects such as education, road and bridge construction, healthcare and other public facilities.

The Company believes that education is a key element in developing high caliber national human resources and the opportunity to learn should be the right of every citizen. MedcoEnergi also believes that by providing a better quality of education and better education facility, we can improve the quality of life of the people at surrounding communities.

Our Program:

  • Developing Public Infrastructure
  • Smart Home and Smart Car
  • Improving Teachers' Quality
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Foster Parents for Street Children

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Creating a Bigger Impact Through Cooperation

Sharing Love through Fostering Parent Program

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