1948 - 2024

Raisis Arifin Panigoro

Advisor of MedcoEnergi

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of Ibu Raisis Arifin Panigoro, MedcoEnergi's Advisor (2022 - 2024). Her service and contribution made her a role model for all of us.

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Media Release


Medco E&P Indonesia Facing Operational Blocked In Its South Sumatera Oil Field

MedcoEnergi has shut down its oil production from Meta and Lica oil wells located in Desa Danau Cala, Kec. Lais, Kab. Musi Banyuasin (Muba), South Sumatera, >


MedcoEnergi Returns To Tunisia To Expand Its E&P Global Operations

MedcoEnergi has entered into an agreement, effective 1 January 2014, to acquire 100% of the shares of Storm Ventures International (Barbados) Ltd. ("SVI") >


MedcoEnergi's AGMS and Performance of First Quarter 2014

MedcoEnergi today concluded its 2014 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“AGMS”), in which the AGMS approved the Company’s Annual Report and >


MedcoEnergi in 2013 : Maintaining Stable Operation Performance And Laying Ground for Growth Through Major Project Delivery

MedcoEnergi today announced its financial and operational results of the full year ended 2013. In this period MedcoEnergi reported its sales and operating >


MedcoEnergi Signed Gas Supply Purchase Agreement with Panca Amara Utama

MedcoEnergi remains committed to supplying gas for domestic markets, particularly for fertilizer industry and for PLN for replacing fuel oil consumption >


MedcoEnergi Expands Operations to Papua New Guinea

MedcoEnergi, through its wholly owned subsidiary Medco Asia Pacific Limited (altogether called “MedcoEnergi”), has completed a Sale and Purchase Agreement >


MedcoEnergi Operational & Financial Performance for the Period of 30th September 2013

MedcoEnergi has announced its consolidated financial statements for the period ended September 30, 2013 (“3Q 2013”). In this quarter, the reported >


MedcoEnergi Actively Carries On Exploration Drilling Program To Discover More Oil and Gas Reserves

MedcoEnergi plans to drill 28 exploration wells in 2013 and 2014. The program consists of 11 wells in Indonesia and 17 wells in our international operations, >


MedcoEnergi Signed Loan Facility Agreement for its Senoro Upstream Gas Project

MedcoEnergi, has signed a loan facility agreement ("the Agreement") with Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore Branch (“SCB”) and PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) >


MedcoEnergi Moves Ahead With Its Two Major Project Developments : Senoro Gas & Area 47 Libya

Up to 2Q 2013 MedcoEnergi has made significant progress on its major projects development. In the Senoro upstream gas project, the facilities construction >


Medco E&P Contractor Has Been Released From Captivity

Malcolm Primrose, an employee of PT Blade Energy Indonesia, which is the contractor of PT Medco E&P Indonesia Block A PSC, has been released by the police >


MedcoEnergi Experienced Security Incident at Block A Aceh

Medco E&P Indonesia has experienced a security incident at the Block a PSC operation area in East Aceh, Indonesia. An employee of Blade Engineering (a >